Calling and Caring

Calling & Caring Committee

Welcome from Judy Grosvenor, Chair of the Calling & Caring Committee.

“The son of man came…to give.” Matthew 20:28

walkOur goal is to accompany members of our church family through life with friendship and caring. God gave us a license to care by being Christians.

It is both our privilege and our responsibility through our common faith in Jesus Christ to care about others. We are all trying to follow the example of our Lord Jesus who was so loving and nurturing.

As Calling & Caring members, we’re not sure who benefits the most from these visitations – the caregiver or the one receiving care. It is so gratifying for us to hear someone say, “I enjoyed your visit!”

Please contact a member of the committee if you know of anyone who would like a visit, a phone call, or some form of contact.

Contact Us: Please call Judy Grosvenor at (802) 253-5000 or Jeanette Pearson (802) 253-4025.

Other committee members include: Marcia Johannesen, Merton Pike, Jay Van Blarcom, and Kandy Neil.

“May God, who sees our innermost longing and fears, and who knows our every need, give us a discerning eye for others that we may be God’s arm of comfort, whispered word of peace, and support to those crying out: ‘God, where are you?’”