Thank you for supporting Stowe Community Church. We are a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation. Your donation is fully tax-deductible in the USA. Donations are handled securely through PayPal and can be made by most credit cards, debit cards, or from your PayPal account. Your donation is used in the following ways.

The church building, one of the finest examples of New England Classical Era churches in Vermont, and one of its most photographed buildings, is both the center of our community of faith and the village of Stowe.  In addition to our church family this wonderful building supports a number of charitable organizations. SCC is the venue of choice for weddings, funerals, concerts, and other gatherings.  The acoustics of the sanctuary are truly remarkable and make our church a popular place for important musical offerings. The W.B.D. Simmons Tracker Pipe Organ, a part of the church since its founding in 1863, was custom designed and built “at a handsome cost with its pipes acoustically matched to the church”.  It has faithfully served the church and was restored in 1998 at a cost of over $250,000.

Built in 1863 the church requires a sizable financial commitment to ensure its continued use.  We are currently exploring the needs of our church looking forward and developing plans for meeting those needs.

As a congregation we are committed to working within our community.  Our church staff, led by Rev. Will Vaus, guides our core ministries of worship, teaching, fellowship, service, and outreach.  We support the life within our congregation through the many programs offered throughout the week.

Our financial commitments abroad in such places as Kenya and Guatemala reflect our world outreach. In these challenging times it is important that charitable dollars be used to do the Lord’s work.  As such, we seek his will in all things and prayerfully consider how to best use the gifts we are given.