What To Expect

  • Come As You AreWhere to go when first entering the church building.

If you enter the building from the front entrance you will be in the main entrance. There will be someone to great you and answer any questions you might have.

  • Bathrooms

Bathrooms are located on the bottom level of the church in the entry hallway of the first level. There is also a changing table in one of the two restrooms as well as cups if you need a drink.

  • Where to take children. If there is a nursery or kids program outline parents where to go and drop the kids off. It’s also a good thing to link to a child protection policy to encourage parents to bring their children.
  • What style of music is played. Is it traditional hymns only? Is there a band? These are questions visitors will have.
  • What style of clothing is worn. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a fish out of water. It’s a sure way to scare off visitors. Be upfront about what type of clothing is worn and if head coverings are practiced then mention that as well.
  • Will there be any interaction during services? Some churches invite visitors to the front and sing a welcome song. If that is the case then be open about it.
  • Will there be an “altar call”? This is similar to the above point but is specific to the message presented.
  • Where to park. Many churches have street parking. Make it easy for them to find where parking is available. It might even be a good idea to dedicate a few places close to the church just for visitors.